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In early 2016, the increasing demand for cryptocurrency exchange was established in the region. Masses of people followed the trend with no vision and were uncertain about the nature of the new digital currency. The road was ambiguous.


Times have changed now. Crypto world has developed tremendously over the past years and is gradually mounting by popular demand. The light of the mainstream is beginning to dawn on this new form of digital money or generally known as cryptocurrency.


It is moving into the right direction.

Kryptz is an eLearning platform specialised in areas related to the importance of managing your cryptocurrency. We began in 2019 and was created for those who seek to learn about the crypto world and to understand better the spectrum of cryptocurrency in a more transparent way. We offer online and direct guidance depending on your preference. Our experienced mentors will guide you through a series of programmes vary from Personal Development, Crypto Asset Management, Trading and many more to come. In addition, we aim to guide the community of the future digital currency on how to recognise sources that are permissible in the crypto world.

We are here to help shape your confidence, show you a clear path before embarking on a new journey and soar to greater heights. Start your programme with us from basic to advanced topics and acquire these skills here at Kryptz.

Learn crypto at Kryptz!



Our mission is to deliver the most efficient guidance and to facilitate learning in our programmes and courses.


We want to be an organisation designed to promote knowledge that will benefit and reward our learners in future and to become the most trusted and widely recognised eLearning platform in the training industry.

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